Toyota Agya TRD A/T Review USA

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T Review Usa - With the presence of an easy and environmentally friendly car program or Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) from the government, Toyota did not waste time and soon launched their low-cost Agya car.

Toyota said in just three hours since its official launch the car has been ordered as many as 1,570 units.

Toyota agya exterior

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

Before discussing further, we first look at the exterior and interior of this car. This car has a dimension of 3580 mm long, 1,600 mm wide and 1,530 mm high, and wheelbase or wheelbase of 2730 mm with a 4.4 m rotation radius.

Appearance of the Agya is not entirely similar to its twin, Daihatsu Ayla although produced in the same place, namely in PT Astra Daihatsu

Display Agya TRD S looks more sporty. Fenders and front grille are very well designed to form the X. Looks more sporty with the addition of spoilers, front aerokits, rear, side, emblems and stickers TRD-S.

But unfortunately the rear glass is not equipped with a wiper and there is no luggage opening lever on the back. This means to open the trunk can not be from outside but must be opened from the car.

Dadi Herdiyandi as General Manager Technical Service TAM explained the reason they made it that way. He admitted they did not give the rear opening lever with consideration because its function will not disappear as well, can be opened from the car (the button at the bottom right of the driver),

Agya is also equipped with chrome design on the outside door handles, side protective molding, 6 spoke alloy 175/65 R14, headlamp and foglamp with chrome accessories.

toyota agya interior

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

After exterior, now our turn to discuss the interior of Agya. The dashboard is made together with 2 Din Audio CD / MP3 / USB / Aux silver.

To give the impression of a luxury car though cheap, Agya appear with chrome decoration on the A / C register, chrome on the brake lever park and chrome in the gears lever.

Display speedometer also designed quite interesting and easy to read. Interestingly, there is already a Multi Information Display that can display fuel consumption, mileage, gasoline indicators, and alarms.

For safety and security, the car is equipped with various features, such as dual SRS airbags, seat belts, central locks in speeds above 20 km / h the car will lock automatically. There is also an electric rearview feature setting right next to the wheel.

Place to put drinking bottles every front and back door and in front of middle row just above the gear lever.

The chairs are made of cloth but not so thick. There are also headrest (headrests) and seat belts on the second row seats. The rear trunk is large enough to place a large suitcase and two small suitcases.


Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

Toyota Agya TRD S A/T

After discussing the exterior and interior, now turn to try the ability of this car.

On the passenger in the back seat. Front and rear cabin space feels quite spacious. Although not too thick, but still comfortable to sit. AC still feels cool to the back even though only positioned at level 1. And for the front, front passenger seat also feels quite spacious. With a reversible chair in order to stretch the legs.

When the road, on a rather bumpy road, Agya suspension can dampen the vibration so that the car remains comfortable, but for a deep hole, feels a bit loud, still far from expectations.

And in baisa and not rainy conditions, the cabin feels quite quiet and damp, but the sound of the audio system is still mixed with the sound from the outside.

And finally, for the driver, the steering wheel already feels light because it has been fitted with EPS or Electric Power Steering. Lightweight in the parking lot and feels a bit heavy at the time driven at high speed.

There is a unique and very useful feature that also appears on the MID screen, the ECO driving that can tell the driver whether the driver has been driving fuel efficient or not. ECO logo that is green will light up if the driver has driven the vehicle by driving with economical fuel consumption. This feature is usually owned by high and middle class cars and has now been adopted by cheap cars Agya.

For automatic transmission no complaints at all, but a little note when trying a manual variant. Shifting still sound.

And the performance of DOHC 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 998 cc can produce power 65.26 PS at 6,000 rpm and torque of 8.8 kg.m at 3,600 rpm, good enough for a car class city car.

Engine power is qualified enough to drive at low speed, but do not really expect when you have to cross a long lane uphill.

Also note it also, Agya is not equipped with a remote to open the door, so we have to turn the key manually to lock and unlock the car door.


For cheap cars, Agya is quite reliable with features offered such as airbags, power windows, electric mirrors, power steering, central lock. Toyota could also add more features in Agya, but it could have an impact on the price offered and could exceed the LCGC car price limits.

With the price and features that qualified, this car has been able to enter the list of customers with limited pockets and who want to switch from motorcycle drive to car

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