All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA Specs

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA Specs - The Ford EcoSport in this restored picture is only a few months old and in that time, it has been surfing all the correct waves to keep the eagerness levels high. Regardless, hoping to raise the stakes further, Ford has now shown an EcoSport S as an important piece of the range. There's some visual updates inside and outside and in the engine other than two power plant choices. The diesel is the run of the mill 1.5-liter TDCi unit while the other one is the 1.0-liter three-chamber EcoBoost motor which at long last makes a bob back for this cycle of the EcoSport. It's this auto that we have driven and here is our first drive survey.

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA 


Since this is a first class assortment you get every last one of the highlights open with the EcoSport and a while later some more. Standard stuff joins atmosphere control, 8.0-show up for the SYNC3 infotainment structure and catch begin.

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

The inward parts of the Ford EcoSport feel on an exceptionally essential level the same as the Fiesta's, and that is in light of the way that the two things share a critical measure of similar characteristics. The central shape and game plan of the dashboard will be exceptional to the general population who have or have driven the new Fiesta. The key capability is in the state of the air vents for the AC, in any case the plan is ambiguous, with the single-shading screen for the infotainment structure sitting at the best, the heap of gets in within and the air control board at the botton of the inside stack. This is a remarkably particular and had design, with an over the best number of gets and a huge amount of messiness. I couldn't have nurtured the middle help on the Fiesta, and I couldn't watch over it here either, particularly since Ford has by and large given a phenomenally sensible and easy to use interface. 

The new EcoSport comes outfitted with SYNC, which is on an exceptionally essential level a voice-began mastermind framework, which it has made in conjunction with Microsoft. It is a change over the voice controls of the Fiesta, which foreseen that you would take in a particular game-plan of summons in a particular social event. In the EcoSport, catchphrase prompts are showed up on the screen. The equipment has also made to see undeniable accents, and this we attempted effectively. You can join diverse Bluetooth contraptions, for example, your telephone or music player, to the auto. You in like way have the choice of coordinating up your phonebook in the event that you pick, and after that you can put dynamic calls utilizing the voice induced structure. It takes a dash of getting the opportunity to be accustomed with the SYNC, which is considerable for any new headway, at any rate the result in comfort is something that you will make to appreciate.


Portage has constantly made autos which are intriguing to drive, and the new EcoSport isn't any extraordinary. We just drove the 1.0-liter EcoBoost, in light of how that was the guideline motor elective open for the test drive, in any case we're sure that with the other motor choices too the EcoSport should hold its fundamental character.

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

One key bit of this present auto's illustrating is its suspension. It might hold the standard lessened auto outline with McPherson swaggers at the front and a multi-interface raise, yet as is customarily expressed, god is in the straightforward parts. Portage's organizers have contributed a colossal measure of imperativeness and exertion in modifying the body, and this pays off everywhere. The EcoSport moreover brags about water controlled mounts for the motor and weight driven bangs stops for the suspension, and these win regarding sifting through a colossal measure of vibrations and mercilessness, both from the street and from the motor compartment. 

Portage's capacity skim pay structure, which adjusts the help from the electric power organizing, administers uneven street surfaces what's more gives some help with the middle of energized cornering. The coordinating exertion is light regardless, which construes driving in surge hour gridlock and ending is essential. When driving rapidly, the power encourage diminishes, which makes the EcoSport additionally including to drive. 

The five-speed manual gearbox the EcoSport comes outfitted with has light flings, with a positive move activity through the gateway. In any case, shifts felt no place close as tight as they do on the Fiesta Classic, for instance, and the short contraption lever doesn't fall as effortlessly to hand either. Once more, these are minor bandy, yet for some individual who cherishes driving and is utilized to a specific 'Segment feel' wishes the same were accessible over the range. 

The EcoBoost motor really makes a point regardless. Scaling down IS the future, so don't enable anyone to uncover to you generally. Doled out GTDI for 'Gas Turbocharged Direct Injection' the new three-barrel EcoBoost has two basic advancements: turbocharging and encourage implantation. Turbocharging enhances the power yield by coercively supporting more air into the begin chamber. For the most part, in any case, turbocharged motors have always been low-weight motors, with poor power development qualities. Sort out implantation gives a work around to this, and the Ford EcoBoost has an all things considered high 10:1 weight degree, which is nearly the same a comparative number of customarily suctioned motors. 

So does the EcoBoost motor pass on the best of the two universes? You require just to look at the dyno figures to get a handle on what the EcoBoost engine can do. Portage claims it puts out 125 PS of intensity and 170 Nm of torque, practically identical to a 1.6-liter motor, despite the way that it expels only 999 cc. All the more fundamentally, the Ford EcoSport outfitted with this motor has been ARAI ensured at 18.9 km/l, which is 3.3 km/l more than Ford's own particular Ti-VCT orchestrated EcoSport. 

Everywhere, the EcoSport drives with a consistency which is inconceivably supporting. The EcoBoost motor shapes reinforce viably, with obvious turbo slack. Pinnacle torque comes in at a low 1,400 rpm, so beside in the event that you're the sort who loathes changing contraptions and likes to pull around in a higher apparatus, the EcoBoost motor reacts to an incredible degree well. On the off chance that there is a point to note with the EcoBoost motor, it is this; despite the way that zenith torque remains level between 1,400 – 4,500 rpm, there is no surge in control as the revs rise. The rate of fortifying feels the same at whatever point inside this rev band. It requires a short dare to wind up acquainted with, at any rate you don't get either the clobber of torque that a standard diesel motor gives nor the zoom at higher rpm from an oil engine. Drive around this despite and consider this present motor's character, and you'll start to recognize particular parts of this auto. 

The overseeing in standard Ford frame is secure, evident and without question footed. Overseeing feel is perfect, commitment from the street is reliable, the suspension is all around judged and the brakes are solid. Really, you do feel some body-come in the EcoSport, in any case with an auto which stands tall at 1,708 mm this isn't odd. In the event that anything, it is the early handle level which urges you to corner speedier, before you truly start to feel the body-roll.


The new Ford EcoSport runs with a sweeping social event of security highlights, including Emergency Assist, which will be offered in India out of the blue. Crisis Assist will put a crisis call to the national crisis number, which is 108, if there ought to be an event of an occurrence. Dialing 108 cautions the police, fire office and secure vehicle associations. The structure is requested precisely when the airbags or the fuel cut-off is started in a crash. The call is set through the coordinated up cell phone. 

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

All New Ecosport 1.5L Ambiente MT USA

Other than Emergency Assist, the new EcoSport comparably has ABS with EBD and two front airbags as standard. Side shade airbags and thorax airbags are open on the higher assortments. In addition, the tweaked assortment of the EcoSport will in like way have electronic reliable quality control or ESP.

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